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What do blueprints and beer have in common?

When he designed his own home, Stephen McKay knew it had to have space for his home brewery.

“Making good beer takes time, knowhow, and a lot of patience,” he says. “I love to experiment with unique flavor combinations and ingredients, but in the end it’s all about taste. If the beer is complex and original but you don’t want to drink it, it’s not a success.”
This philosophy carries over into Stephen McKay’s architectural work.

“We can put the most modern, state-of-the-art amenities into a house, but if you don’t love being inside it, it’s not a true home. My goal always is to get to know the family I’m working with — what makes them happy, their patterns, tastes and practical needs — and create a space that, when they walk in for the first time, just feels like where they were meant to live.”